You are worth it: How to overcome Imposter Syndrome

A few weeks ago, I thought about how far I've come in life. It amazed me. I have taken risks and worked hard to be who I am and where I am today. However, I had a hard time believing it. Sometimes, I felt I did not deserve all the success and get worried that … Continue reading You are worth it: How to overcome Imposter Syndrome


I write this blog post with so much joy. This is the story of my life journey so far.I loved writing fiction and non-fiction stories in Elementary School. I wasn't much of a writer in Secondary School because I wanted to study Medicine and Surgery. I aspired to be a Medical Doctor due to the … Continue reading THE JOURNEY TO SELF-DISCOVERY


Are you searching for substantial information on Democracy in Nigeria today? Then you have definitely come to the right blog. I have vividly put together useful and valid information for you on Democracy in Nigeria today. Let's get started. The word Democracy originates from two Greek words "demos" meaning people and "kratos" meaning power or … Continue reading DEMOCRACY IN NIGERIA TODAY


Let's start with a few common questions about PVC. What is PVC?PVC stands for Permanent Voters Card. What is PVC used for?The Permanent Voters Card enables registered voters to exercise their civic right to vote in the General Elections. What information is contained in PVC?The PVC stores information such as; biometric data, i.e physical attributes, … Continue reading YOU NEED A PVC

Nigeria, which way?

I couldn't wait another week without writing on the unimaginable things happening in Nigeria. In my previous blog posts such as #EndPoliceBrutality🇳🇬, #EndSARS2020:Being Nigerian has been a traumatic experience, #EndASUUstrike, Life of a Public University Student in Nigeria, INSECURITY IN NIGERIA, I wrote about how it feels like being a young Nigerian living in Nigeria. … Continue reading Nigeria, which way?

Confident and Killing It

My Confident and Killing It Journey: I lacked confidence in myself due to extreme speaking impairment in Elementary School.I recall when we were told to write a story, present the story and the best will be pasted on the notice board. I wrote my story, read the story to my classmates during an interactive session … Continue reading Confident and Killing It

The Power of Resilience

Psychologist: How are you?Kate: I don't feel good. Psychologist: I hope after our meeting you'll feel better. Kate: I woke up this morning and I felt regretful.Psychologist: Can you tell me why?Kate: After spending 10 years of my life with him, I woke up to hear the news of him getting married. He said we were only … Continue reading The Power of Resilience

Why you need a social media break.

On 11th April, 2022, I went on my first social media break! 11th May, 2022 made it exactly one month since I embarked on this much needed break. I discussed taking a break in my previous blog posts such as Mental Health, Gratefulness, #EndASUUStrike and Consistency is Key. It's still unbelievable because I never saw … Continue reading Why you need a social media break.