I’m grateful for you begin a part of my journey.

Live your life for it’s the best journey you’ll ever take”.

A journey of my life

Everything has their own endeavor

Definitely, I got to tell the world my story. It all began with a single step. I started as a toddler who want to make her parents proud.

I’m a victim of stuttering. I was not born a stutterer but it suddenly developed uncontrollable. I will never give up on the eradication.

My dad usually tells us “Do not let obstacles stop you from achieving your goal”.

I can’t forget the days we used to experience daily robbery. I lost a lot especially my loved one.

Afterwards, we had an assurance with God which last forever.

After six years of elementary school, I proceeded for high school. I had my best days in high school. I successfully cleared all my papers.

I went forth to the higher institution. As a student, I’m living a very simple yet a fruitable life. As an amateur, I would tell it’s a bit stressful but it is worth it.

I have always dreamt to be a psychologist. My life has a lot of passion, love and determination for it.

The struggle is hard but the end result will be beautiful”.

My life comprehends of laugh and smiles because of the setbacks I had in the past years and the better days ahead.

I am not where I want to be but I made it my stepping stone. You will get there, no matter how long it takes. Whatever got you where you are today is not enough to keep you there. All you ever need is God.❤✨

The Journey of yesteryears and the manifestation of his glory is through the salvation of God”.


17 thoughts on “THE JOURNEY

  1. Aww Janet this is inspiring 😩 your journey is gonna be bigger and better, just keep doing you I’m glad you have started the as you said’ stepping stone’ God never forgets people who work hard and know he is eight behind them do your part and let God you will be victorious 🙌💖💖

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