My Year One

Complains are delays. Instead of complaining, why not find the solution? Don’t over think. Don’t worry. Believe in yourself that you’ll make it and you will.

The more we complain about our problem, the more problem we complain about.

Throughout my year 1, I could not tell my parents what was going on. It was during the christmas break that I told them everything. Some things was too late to be solved while others were solved. My parents understood me more than myself. I’m so glad I’m close to my parents now.

Social media was my life partner. It was my addict. Some of my happy moments was on social media. I could express myself to my siblings and friends. I’ve learnt so much from social media.

Honestly, God’s time is the best. Take God first. Take all your problems to God cause he is ever ready to help you. I held on to God every time and he was always there for me. Even though I felt tired of everything but I kept entrusting on God. Keep hope alive. A lot of beautiful changes I’ve been done in my life. I appreciate all. Onward ever; backward never. ✌🏾

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