How to stop Overthinking

Overthinking is when you think about something too much or for too long. Overthinking is when you cannot get the decision you made out of your head or evaluate the situation out of your head. Overthinking happens to all of us at some point in our lives, we all experience events that cause us to worry/stress. But some people cannot seem to turn their concern off. People worry about what others may think of them, worry about their future, past and beating themselves up about “should haves”and “could haves”.

“Thoughts are powerful. Your thoughts become your reality”. – Tony Robbins

Personally, I experience overthinking a whole lot. I think very much about any painful event that happens to me. If I overthink, throughout that day, I’ll be very worried and end up having migraine and heart pains.

The key is to identify what’s causing you to overthink, then take decisive action to change your mindset. But that can be easier said than done. People ask themselves ‘why do I overthink?’and not come up with an answer. “Let fear be a counselor and not a jailor”-Tony Robbins. It’s time to face your fears so that you can overcome them and try these ways to stop overthinking everything for good.

Vent to God: Tell God your worries, problems and God will solve your problems. Be patient. God’s time is the best. Remember, with God all things are possible. Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you (Psalm 55:22).

Awareness: awareness is the beginning of change. In that moment of awareness is the seed of change you want to make. Become aware of the root causes of your overthinking and you can start making progress to stop it before it starts.

•Write down your plan and try to accomplish it:

Put a time to work: give yourself a boundary. Set a timer for five minutes and give yourself that time to think, worry and analyze. Once the timer goes off, spend ten minutes with a pen and paper, write down all the things that are worrying you. When the ten minutes is up, move on – preferably to something fun. Whenever I’m angry/worried, I write down what caused the anger/worry and everything that happened, find the solution and then move on.

•Put things into perspective: It’s always easier to make things bigger and more negative than they need to be. The next time you catch yourself making a mountain out of a mohehill, ask yourself how much of it will matter in five years. Or, for that matter, next month. Just this simple question, changing up the time frame, can help shut down overthinking.

•Be grateful: you can’t have a regretful thought and a grateful thought at the same time, so why not spend the time positively? Every day, make a list of what you are grateful for.

•Focus on Solutions: “Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions”. – Tony Robbins. The way to learn how to stop overthinking for good is to take charge of your life. If you’re not where you want to be in life, set goals for yourself so that you can get there. If you feel like life is out of your control, make a decision today to get back behind the wheel. These are big moves and they take guts. Remember: No one controls your life but you.

Know the difference between fear and Intuition: People may have trouble distinguishing between the fear of making mistake, which leads to overthinking to the point where they make no decision and a deep feeling that something is wrong. Knowing if fear or intuition is guiding your behaviour will help you get out of your head and take the next necessary steps. By connecting to your body, taking a few deep breaths and really feeling what it would be like to make a decision, you can decipher whether fear or intuition are in play and how to best move forward.

Don’t think of what can go wrong but what can go right: In many cases, Overthinking is caused by a single fear. When you focus on all the negative things that might happen, it’s easy to become destabilized. Next time you sense that you are starting to spiral in that direction, stop. Visualize all the things that can go right and keep those thoughts present and upfront.

Letting go of the past: don’t let your mistakes control your future decisions and don’t let bad things that have been done to you control your emotions. Forgive others and let go of your anger.

Accept your best: The fear that grounds overthinking is often based on the feeling that you are not good enjoying, not smart enough or hard working enough or dedicated enough. Once you’ve given an effort your best, accept it as such and know that, while success may depend in part on some things you can’t control, you’ve done what you could do.

Change your view of fear: Whether you’re afraid because you’ve failed in the past or you’re fearful of trying or over generalizing some other failure, remember that just because things did not work out before does not mean that has to be the outcome every time. Remember, every opportunity is a new beginning, a new place to start again.

Overthinking is something that can happen to anyone. But if you have a great system for dealing with it you can at least ward off some of the negative, anxious, stressful thinking and turn it into something useful,productive and effective.

Once you discover how to stop overthinking and live in the moment, you’ll be happier, more rested and have a positive influence on those around you. Always remember that life happens for you not to you.

Some writings from the works of Lolly Daskal and Tony Robbin.

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