It’s really hard being a BLACK WOMAN. The most disrespected person is a BLACK WOMAN. The most unprotected woman is a BLACK WOMAN. The most neglected woman is a BLACK WOMAN.

Now, let’s talk about the history of Black Women: Black slaves, many of whom were women,were often abused by their owners and white people. This abuse extended beyond the physical and psychological abuse directly related to how slaves were treated, and include the exploitation of black women slaves in order to advance different scientific practices and techniques. Black female slaves were sexually abused by white men and were forced to breed with their white male slave masters to bear mulatto children to maintain white supremacy, have more slaves to pick cotton and produce superior slaves. Black female slaves received the same treatment in Brazil, Hispanic America, the Carribean, etc. However, rape of white women were prevented and feared.

I’m sorry y’all but I am crying. I can’t stop sharing this. I don’t want to make you sad but I want you to feel this. As a human, I need you to feel this. I have already been aware of these things but rn we are in a time in history where people want to listen again and learn and be apart of change so I show you this not to trigger you but to remind you of where we have been when it comes to United States. My history runs deep and this is just a portion but this is the portion that has traumatized me the most and I NEVER WANT TO FEEL THIS PAIN AGAIN! I want our reality to be so far beyond this that I have more tears of joy than my sorrow. I’m so hurt in my heart. I would put my life on the line for those babies if I could. I hate that I can’t fix everything, I just hate it!!! God please help me to let go of the things I cannot control and have the clarity and strength to change everything I can!!! #WeHaveSurvivedSoMuch #ThatIsStrength #ThatIsCourage #StillWeRise #NeverForget #TheySurvivedThat #WeCanSurviveThis ~Keke Palmer

Breonna Taylor was asleep in her own bed getting her rest to wake up and save lives (as a first responder studying to be a nurse) and her precious life was taken by systematic racism and negligence by Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove. Too often Black women who die from police violence are forgotten. Let’s stay loud,keep demanding justice for Breonna Taylor and her family and SAY HER NAME. #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor

Stop Killing Black Women!

Black Women Deserve Better.

Black Womens’ lives have value and worth.

Here are some notable Black women:

•Harriet Tubman:

Born in the early 19th Century in Dorchester County,Maryland,United States. Tubman is widely regarded for helping many African-American Slaves to escape slavery via the Underground Railroad. According to PBS, Tubman risked her own life “19 times by 1860” in order to save other slaves. She was a nurse,cook and spy for the Northern Army during the Civil War.

•Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a global feminist icon. Chimamanda is a Nigerian writer whose works range from novels to short stories to nonfiction. She was described in The Times Literary Supplement as “the most prominent of a “procession of critically acclaimed young anglophone authors who is succeeding in attracting a new generation of readers to African literature. Her notable works include Purple Hibiscus (2003),Half of a yellow sun(2006), Americanah(2013), We should all be feminist(2014). On 20th May,2019, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie received an honorary degree from Yale University.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking when Black women are being shamed for rocking their natural hair. Natural black hairstyle is absolutely not ghetto.

•Viola Davis:

Viola Davis is an American actress and producer. Having won an Academy Award, an Emmy award, and two Tony Awards, she is the first Black Actress to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting. “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity” -Viola Davis during her speech at 67th Annual Primetime Enemy Awards.

•Robyn Rihanna Fenty:

Robyn Rihanna Fenty: (born February 20,1988) is a Barbadian Pop and rhythm-and blues (R&B) Singer who became a worldwide star in the early 21st Century, known for her distinctive and versatile voice and for her fashionable appearance. Robyn Rihanna Fenty is also an actress,businesswoman and philanthropist. “All girls rock but Black girls we are on a whole ‘notha level!” -Robyn Rihanna Fenty

•Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter:

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is an American Singer,Songwriter,record producer,dancer,actress and filmmaker. She’s an actress who achieved fame in the late 1990s as the lead singer of the R&B group Destiny’s Child and then launched a hugely successful solo career. Black is King is a 2020 musical film and visual album directed,written and executive produced by American Singer Beyoncé. The film serves as a visual companion to the 2019 album:The Lion King. “Brown skin girl; Your skin just like pearls; The best thing in the world;Never trade you for anybody else”.

•Serena Jameka Williams:

Serena Jameka Williams is an American professional tennis player and former world no.1 in women’s single tennis. She won 23 Grand Slam Single titles, the most by any player in the Open Era,and the second-most of all time behind Margaret Court(24). The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) ranked her world No.1 in singles on 5 separate occasions between 2002-2017. “Black women are not supposed to push back and when they do, they’re deemed to be domineering, aggressive,threatening, loud”. -Serena Williams.

I am Proud to be a Black Woman.

I am an Unapologetic exquisite Black Woman.

Black women can do anything. We’ve proven that time and time and time again.

“Black women have had to develop a larger vision of our society than perhaps any other group. They have had to understand white men, white women, black men. And they have had to understand themselves. When black women win victories, it is a boost for virtually every segment of a society”-Angela Davis

I’m convinced that we Black Women possess a special indestructible strength that allows us to not only get down, but to get up, to get through, and to get over. -Janet Jackson.

How can we help Black Women:

•Protect Black Women always

Respect Black Women always

•Support Black Women always

Believe in Black women always.

12 thoughts on “THE BLACK WOMAN

  1. Great work Jen❤ This is very much realistic. We still praying and hoping for a change🙏 But until then, I’M A PROUD BLACK WOMAN!

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  2. Woww👏🏻👏🏻u deserve an award 4 this write is so beautiful and realistic❤️..I pray this write up gets to many n d world because it’s really really good n educating..More grace honey🙏🏻 women deserve d VERY BEST.we black women should start from home by uplifting ourselves N not fighting or trying to pull each oda down and I believe d world and men will see us differently with respect ✊🏿

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  3. Love this beautiful write up, you are so blessed. Thank you for spreading awareness with your talent🙏🏽
    And Yes we pray for Change!🙌🏽🙏🏽

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