The Little Things Matters.

What makes your day beautiful? What do you think about when you wake up in the morning? Do you smile looking back at something that happened during the previous day or night? It might be a little thing and that’s where the beauty lies.

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things”.

This quote has stuck in me since the first time I read it. And it just makes so much sense. Throughout the day and week, your routine is most likely set and the little things happening during that times are the ones that are making a difference.

In my ss1, my food and nutrition teacher told my class to read on Cereals & Legumes for our next class. I researched and also read on the topics. On the day of the presentation, I was amazed on how I could present my work excellently well and also, my choice of words was wow. It felt like a little achievement but today, it feels more like a huge inspiration in my life.

Little things can add up to infinity. Little things can make a lot of difference in life. Here are the little things that matters in life:

•The air we breathe and the food we eat. The breathe of life isn’t to be taken for granted. Learn to appreciate the two or 3 meals that you have on a daily basis and if you are blessed with a variety everyday, be thankful and enjoy it.

•Be thankful to God every day for the miracle of sleeping & waking up and also, for going out & coming in. Always have a personal time with God at least once a day.

•Count your blessings no matter what they are, make it special for yourself and it does not matter if it is important to anyone else or not.

•Stay Happy and Spread Happiness: You should become the kind of person who would find almost one million reasons to stay happy instead of those ten reasons because of which few people are unhappy. We are functioned or “programmed” that way. We always look at the negative side of the picture first. Whatever you do in life, make sure it makes you happy. Laugh out loud and enjoy the feeling.

•Eat healthy and Exercise: I had to start exercising even though I don’t like missing my morning sleep. Try eating healthy and always try to exercise daily.

•Drink more water: Drinking more water may have many benefits like:

  • By drinking water, your brain power and overall energy will increase.
  • Drinking more water also helps in losing weight.
  • Drinking water also flushes out harmful toxins that may be present in our body.
  • Research has also shown that drinking more water can actually help you to improve your complexion.
  • It also helps you to prevent headache.
  • By drinking clean water sufficiently and properly, we can prevent and control many diseases.

It can be the first step towards a healthy life, so start drinking at least eight glass of water everyday in order to see the benefits faster.

•Maintain Good Hygiene: An act of keeping our surroundings clean and disposing our garbage at the assigned place can make our streets habitable. During this covid-19 pandemic,always remember to wear your face mask, wash your hands, use your hand sanitizer,stay safe and take care. Sending everyone lots of love and light ❤.

•An adventure with your Godly friends or maybe a solo trip. Take lots of pictures and videos. And also, maybe start your YouTube channel and a blog.

•Birthday: Birthdays are a big deal. Your birthday is a big deal and don’t let nobody tell you differently not even yourself. I’m always very excited for my birthday every year and I celebrate my birthday every year.

•A word or two of sweetness, softness, consolation and inspiration can provide solace and relief to a grieved soul.

•Reading a book and enjoying every moment as you turn the pages.

•A single vote can change our destiny.

•A little effort of maintaining a queue or keeping to lane can prevent chaos.

•Stop Comparing yourselves: It is one of the most important little things that most of us often neglect. And that is stop comparing yourselves. Comparison will always keep you in disadvantage and 99% of the time you will be sad or disheartened after comparing yourself with others. Here’s the reason: you will always be sad because you will think that you’re not worth it.

•Let’s be kind: A little generosity can help humanity. Be kind; whether you know what someone is passing through or not. Never look down on anyone even when you are helping them up. Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their heart. One of the purpose of human life is to help others. We should always help the wonderful people around us.

•A small step in the right direction can motivate others to follow.

•Invest in your future: Take some time to invest in yourself. Your future completely depends on you.

•Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence. Sometimes, just waking up is the only productive thing that needs to be done that day.

•Gratitude: Appreciate moments before they become memories,start now. I’m grateful to God for everything. Thank you is the most potent and silent weapon in the world. Always remember to say thank you to show how much you genuinely care. This action can make a big difference in someone’s life.

•Dream Big and take risks.

There are often many instances when we don’t enjoy little things in life. But,these little things are important in a person’s life. For most of the time, we are just thinking about our problems and our situations; For most of the time, we are stressed and we can’t even enjoy ourselves at the moment; I have shared a few of little things in life that matters a lot.

Notice the little things around. Notice the little things that give you happiness even if it is a minute short. If something makes your soul smile, note it and make sure you include it as part of your routine”. Life is made up of moments and if you can collect these moments; you will never feel alone and these little things give hope and strength for doing more and doing better.

What a needle can do, a sword can accomplish! So little things need not be belittled, ignored or forgotten, often they are of great consequences.

Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things. – Frank A. Clark

Make room for the little moments in life ~Onyi Moses

Now, if you look back at your life, you will realize that you do not remember the long years you spent, you just remember the moments that made you smile or cry and what were these things made of? They were made of little things, be it a healthy laughter with a friend on a silly topic, be it a little argument on a silly topic which resulted in a broken friendship. Happiness will come when you can make your parents smile, share a lovely evening with people you love and enjoy a great night with your friends.

When there are days when nothing seems right and everything seems messy. The work, relationships, the mind; everything seems difficult and hard. On these days, you need to bring in the things that would require no effort to give you some strength to go through these days.

The magic of starting to focus on these little things is that you will gradually shift your thoughts from what is missing in your life to what is there. It will create a little positive loop in your brain feeding you with motivational energy. You will start to create your happiness bit by bit. And that’s how you start paving your way from these little things towards greatness that you desire from within.

Enjoy your achievements no matter how small they may be. We all cherish some of our by gone moments as memories which is great but let’s be mindful and cherish the moments as they happen.

The little things are the biggest things and definitely are the best things. -Devisha

May we never again, take for granted; A handshake with a stranger, full shelves at the stores, conversations with neighbors, a crowded theatre, friday night out,the taste of communion, a routine check up, the school rush each morning, coffee with a friend, the stadium, each deep breath, a boring Tuesday and Life itself. May we find that we have become more like the people we wanted to be; we hoped to be and may we stay that way, better for each other because of the worst. ~Laura Kelly Fanucci

What are the little things that matters to you that you would like to share? Please feel free to share in the comments section.

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