#EndSARS 2020: Being Nigerian has been a traumatic experience.

The Nigerian government has failed her people. Nigeria is a failed state. Nigeria is sick. The entire state is rotten to the core. Yet we have decided to fight for it. It is ours. We begin with a simple demand #SARSMUSTEND

SARS is simply a tool of oppression. SARS is a symptom of a much larger disease. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is a Nigerian Police Force Unit. The function of SARS is to deal with crimes associated with armed robbery, car snatching, kidnapping, cattle rustling and crimes associated to firearms but members of SARS have been responsible for brutality and various atrocities including murdering Nigerians in cold blood.

#EndSARSprotest calls to end police brutality; Reform the Nigerian police force; End corruption; End bad governance; End poor education; End unstable electricity; End Unlivable Salary & welfare; End poor healthcare; End Insecurity.

We are tired of all the harassment, shooting & killings by SARS in the name of protection and we dey SORO SOKE against police brutality.

These are innocent Nigerian youths that were killed by SARS.

Godwin Sunday Udoh and his wife were shot at by policemen but unfortunately the wife died because of 2000 naira and his first daughter still has PTSD and can’t talk.

In 2012 when Chijioke was 20 years old, he went for a child dedication. He was picked up by SARS and taken to SARS office. When his family went to look for him, they were told he had been taken to the SARS headquarters. They went to the SARS headquarters, his mum spotted him being brought into the station and she said “That’s my child” and the police officer in charge, notorious James Nwafor told the police officers to pursue Chijioke’s parents and family out of the premises which they did. Since then they haven’t seen Chijioke. The next time Chijioke’s parents went, James Nwafor boasted that he shot and killed Chijioke and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. They searched for him and some other police officers told Chijioke’s parents that it is possibly that he hasn’t died, that the man could just be bluffing and they should bring some money to bribe him. Chijioke’s father brought some money, James Nwafor said the money was too small. Chijioke’s father went and sold his land, sold some properties raised 3 million naira, gave it to the police officer, the man said 3 million naira was chicken change. The most horrifying part is James Nwafor told Chijioke’s father to search for his son in a river of dead bodies.

He made him turn every single corpse upside down,searching for his son. I can’t imagine what that man was going through, some part of him will be, let me find this body so I can have closure, let me not find this body so we can have hope. They came to abuja to seek justice, the state IGP told them they’ll have to pay money to transport police officers down to the state where it happened to investigate. This is the impunity with which police officers have treated us. We have no system! ~ this event was recounted during the Candle night at Lekki Toll gate, Lagos.

Lagos Sate Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, announced that a curfew would commence from 4pm but the peaceful protesters remained at the toll gate. Later in the day, CCTV were reportedly removed from the toll gate and all lights were cut off.

Around 7pm,Nigerian army opened fire at peaceful protesters and over fifteen Nigerians were reportedly dead that night at Lekki toll gate, Lagos State, Nigeria. My friend asked me to come online on instagram and watch DJ switch’s instagram live. I watched a Nigerian youth die on the Instagram live. He died! And the Nigerian army were still shooting at unarmed peaceful protesters!!! I was sick. Did you see the way they were shooting at us?? They didn’t care at all. No heart at all! I had sleepless night on 20.10.2020. The penalty of violating curfew should not be death!!

There’s a massacre currently happening in Oyigbo, Rivers State. Oyigbo is a Local Government Area in Rivers State, Nigeria. Soldiers have engaged in alleged extra judicial killings in Oyigbo, Rivers State. Despite the existing curfew, Soldiers are allegedly invading homes.

In the night of 21st October, 2020, while viewing my contact’s whatsapp status, I came across a tweet. I couldn’t process the tweets, I had to go on twitter and confirm the tweets. Lo and behold, it was true. Oke was dead and his girlfriend knew about his death on twitter. I was screamimg.

Oke’s girlfriend posted these tweets on twitter.

Oke is a stranger I have never met in life but I felt very heartbroken. To loose someone in this life that loves unconditionally. Oh God 😭.

Pelumi Onifade is a 20-year-old Lagos-Based Journalist working for Gboah TV, who filmed Abiodun Bolarinwa shooting at protesters in Abule Egba,Lagos State. He got arrested by the Lagos State Task Force at Abattoir, Oko Oba Area of Agege, Lagos State on October 24,2020 while on Official duty. He was recently shot dead in the custody of the Lagos State Task Force led by Yinka Egbeyemi. #JusticeforPelumi

I have been so nervous to write this blog post. Every time I feel like writing this blog post, I end up crying. I ask myself why?? How?? What did we do to deserve all these?? While I was writing this blog post, I had heartache. I was down.

Words can’t describe how I feel about the month of October and this year, 2020 as a whole and as a Nigerian woman living in Nigeria. I’m heartbroken beyond words. Most nights I’ll lay down on my bed, thinking about everything that has happened during the #EndSARS protest then tears will roll down my cheek. I woke up every single day with migraine. October has been a mentally draining month for me.

May the souls of all our fallen heroes rest in perfect peace. forever in our heart 🖤. I’m so sorry, Nigeria failed you.

Thank you to everyone who are peacefully protesting both online & offline against police brutality and for our rights to life, donating, amplifying the genocide happening in Nigeria. Blessings on Blessings. We shall overcome ✊🏾🖤.

My heart goes out to all the entrepreneurs whose stores have been vandalized and looted, it’s draining and sickening watching one’s sweat go down the drain.

My thoughts and prayers goes out to the families who have lost their loved ones during the #EndSARS protest.

I want to say a very big thank you to Feminist Coalition. Feminist Coalition, an umbrella organisation led by Feyikemi Abudu, Kiki mordi, Damilola Odufuwa, Odunayo Eweniyi, Layo Ogunbawo, Ozzy Etomi, Ire Aderinokun, Fakhrriyyah Hashim, Oluwaseun Ayodeyi Osowobi, Jola Ayeye, Laila Johnson-Salami, Karo Omu, Obiageli Ofili Alintah and Tito Ovia who used social media to raise funds to mobilise protesters, engage government on the release of illegally arrested protesters, provided medical assistance and pressure the appropriate authorities to move in response to the demands of protesters.

Working together; young Nigerian women and men showed better governance of Nigeria than the entire 60 years its been independent.

When rumors started to circle around that Central Bank of Nigeria was shutting down Feminist Coalition Bank accounts and instructing its payment partners to deactivate donation links, the platform quickly pivoted to channeling its donations using Bitcoin. During the #EndSARS protest, Nigerian youths raised more than 2 million naira at the spot for a woman who sold groundnut. Nigerian youths raised over 5 million naira for a physically challenged to get a prosthesis.

A few things common across all massacre: Unity scares the government. Very often the benefit of corporations are at the very center of oppression. There is no killing without approval from the land itself. The security system of the country is designed to kill its people not protect its people. Business as usual continues because industry resurrects again.

Life is dynamic. Change is constant. We were not defeated. Violence can never be a tool of defeat.

Now, we need to re-strategize

Possible solution;The way forward:

•In the Bible, Pharoah was the king of Egypt. He had a dream. In his dream, he saw two types of cows:The seven fat cows and scrawny cows. The scrawny cows ate up the fat cows and were still skinny. This applies to the #EndSARS protest:

1. Youth 1(The builders) : These are the Nigerian youths that began the #EndSARS protest with the purpose of ending police brutality in Nigeria.

2. Youth 2(The burners/ hoodlums/thugs): It remains unclear if these so-called “hoodlums”and “thugs” merely went out on their way to break #EndSARS protests, or if they had been contracted by unscrupulous Nigerian ‘big men’ to give the protests a bad face as purported by Burna Boy on SkyNews and Gani Adams, Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yourubaland on ARISETV.

•Enlighten youth 2(hoodlums): Poverty is indeed a weapon and that is why the Nigerian government will do everything in their power to keep the citizen. The tribal divide has caused so much stunted growth that the energy and enlightenment of this country will not allow! Education is the first step and we all play a part in it. Start by educating yourself and the people around you about Nigeria. History will always direct you on how to channel your energy. Our biggest challenge is youth 2(hoodlum). Reach out to them before the government reaches out to them and let them know the importance of #EndSARS protest.

•#SayNotoSocialMediaBill: Social media has done more for the Nigerian youths compared to the Nigerian government since 1960 put together. The employment it has created can never be matched with the empty promises from British and Nigerian government since 1914 amalgamation. They want to kill our voices. But they can’t!

•Amend the 1999 constitution: The real source of the problem is the 1999 constitution. In the 1999 constitution, it is exclusive to develop/build railway and the government owns the land and your properties. If we amend 1999 constitution, we can allow each region to define the pace of their progress & we can have the chance as our country to define what we want. North can have a chance to develop at their pace. South can also have a chance to develop at their pace. Justice and Peace is more important.

•Enlighten ourselves on Nigerian elections and how it works.

•Pray for Nigeria

As we move on to a better life:

•Let’s continue to be nice, amazing & helpful to one another as we were during the #EndSARS protest.

•Buy Nigerian products! Not just fashion, I’ve discovered Nigerians make coffee, peanut butter, chocolate that are actually MADE WELL. If you own a business implement changes structurally, make some if you can’t make all your products locally, employ your people, train your people. Whatever industry you’re in IMPACT that industry. If we could do all this in our own little way. All the droplets will make an ocean.

I’m grateful to be a part of this generation that are indeed changing the world.

I’m sending everyone lots of love and light. please stay safe ❤.

6 thoughts on “#EndSARS 2020: Being Nigerian has been a traumatic experience.

  1. This is really heartbreaking💔 to read,the people meant to protect u r d ones killing you.Nigeria (system) has failed us so so much.Words ain’t enough to express that hurt n anger Nigerians r feeling .Even with everything the Nigerian government are doing,we must keep fighting for the new Nigeria we deserve.it is my prayers that God will see everyone through this trying n tough times n make Nigeria better for us n the generations to come.ijn Amen..Better days ahead,keep strong n stay safe.

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  2. Blogger wey dey SORO SOKE against police brutality✊ Thankyou for the enlightenment. We keep fighting for a better Nigeria, so help us God.🙏


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