My Post Quarantine Experience

I came back home before Covid-19 lockdown during March 2020. I had a feeling that the lockdown will last for a month but it went beyond that due to the rapid increase in covid-19 cases. On March 31st, 2020, I celebrated my 19th birthday. I still wonder how I had so much energy on my 19th birthday because I was so scared about contacting the coronavirus. I still remember vividly well, how shocked I was, during the #BlackLivesMatter protest period. The way everything unfolded made me speechless. I was like “wow, so this is really how life is”.

It was in 2020, I fully became a feminist. I’m happy and proud to be a feminist.

Then, the #EndSARSprotest period; #EndSARS protest calls to end police brutality, end corruption, end bad governance and end everything bad in Nigeria. The way forward for Nigeria is by: Educating Nigerian youths, Amending the 1999 constitution, Get your PVC ready, to vote come 2023 and Pray for Nigeria 🙏🏾❤.

The only thing stopping Nigeria from growing bigger is the bad leaders! Get rid of them! Nigeria is not underdeveloped but exploited!!

The quarantine messed with my mental health big time!

I came back to school on 7th February 2021, only to see my apartment very dusty and a big mess. The first thing that came to my mind was “where will I sleep this night?” because it’s not me that will clean up the dirty room. My friend, Karen came to visit me and we both cleaned my apartment and now, the apartment looks like a human being is actually living there. But it might take me like months for all my cloths, shoes & apartment as a whole to be free from dust, cobwebs, etc. Monday morning, I was crying. I was so frustrated. I was down.

I was thinking of how I’ll handle all the school work, social life and everything in less than two months that we have for this semester.

I stayed at my apartment for like four days before I really had the courage to step out for lectures. So many things were on my mind, “how will I cope this year in university of calabar (a public university in Nigeria)?”, “Will things still be the same as it was in the previous years?”, “Is my mental health ready for this new ride?”

My thoughts is honestly between regret and gratefulness. I’m grateful for the past decisions I made because I won’t be who I am today if not for those decisions I made in the past. It has made my relationship with God to be better, made me a blogger, given me genuine and lifetime friends & loved ones and changed my life in a way I could never have imagined. On the other hand, I sometimes regret some decisions I made in the past. I feel it has made me unable to control my feelings to the extent of me thinking of taking a break from life. That’s crazy right?!

In all these, I’m so much grateful to God for never leaving me even for a second. He has been so good to me in this life. I’m grateful for my friends and loved ones.

I’m very happy to live this life with my Artoftruezeal family. This year is all about living life, enjoying life to the fullest, having fun, being focus on our goals, getting closer to God and celebrating every little win.

Amen. I’m sending y’all lots of love and lights. Stay Safe and stay blessed ❤.

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