MARCH 2021

My ArtofTrueZeal Family, welcome back to my blog. I’m very sorry that I’ve been away but I’m back and hopefully better. I missed y’all so much. How are you? I hope you are fine. The past two months have been so tough for me. I published my last blog post(REGRET) on February 20, 2021 and it was so difficult for me to conclude that blog post and even publish it. When I came back to school on February 7, 2021, I knew school work will be very hectic because we had stayed at home for a year but I didn’t think of it draining me so much. In February, I started preparing for my first semester examination because from the general timetable, exams was supposed to commence on the first week of March but then it was postponed and eventually affected me so much.

My first examination in Medical College began on March 17, 2021, that was a hell of an experience. How will I study for a course, then seeing the question in exams hall, I seem to forget everything I studied??! And it was not only me that had that type of awful experience.

And the questions were so hard. Omo, I was ready to run mad.

I still have exams remaining to write and I don’t know if it will be this April or May. University of Calabar will make sure the frustrate and drain their students so much. Do you know that my school resumed on April 17, 2021 for second semester, and I’m still writing my first semester exams? I’m so tired of University of Calabar 😭.

Meanwhile, I turned 2O on March 31, 2021 💃🏽.

Normally, I plan for my birthdays but this particular birthday, I was so nervous of planning for it. I told my sister and some of my friends(that asked me if I was going to celebrate my birthday), how nervous I was about my new age. I wasn’t ready to be an adult. I wasn’t ready for all the responsibilities that comes with being an adult. I wasn’t ready for the difficult, boring, lonely, sad, miserable, busy, depressed life. I wasn’t ready for it. But now, I am ready because I have to face my fears and conquer 😭.

My siblings told me that they will be back home to celebrate my 20th birthday with me, I decided to go home two days before my birthday and complete the preparation for the event. I initially planned to stay at school for my birthday because I wasn’t that hyped about it and I was still writing exams at the time, so I stayed at Uyo to celebrate my 20th. I didn’t want to go back home to celebrate my birthday because of how my 19th turned out (the rules of no fixing of nails, no lashes, just go out and buy snacks, snap pictures then come back before 3pm). Nah, I wasn’t ready for that energy. Normally, I don’t wholly depend on anyone to help plan my birthday but this time around, I did and I was very disappointed and I’m still deeply hurt from it. lmao. I think that’s because I wouldn’t do the same if it was me. But, then God made a way.

God gave me friends that were ready to go extra miles to make sure I had a successful birthday. My friends did my makeup, styling, installed my wig frontal and snapped all those my dope ass pictures.

The cloths, shoes and wig, were my sister’s gift to me 💃🏽. Thank you sissy ❤. After a sad and disappointing evening, my friends did everything they could to make sure I felt happy again. With the limited time we had, we went out and bought any little cake we saw (surprisingly we saw this cake, which is exactly the same cake I wanted to buy for my 19th birthday and I bought it). I was badly craving for it when I saw it in March 2020.

I actually planned for a bigger birthday with family and friends but then I was disappointed. I’m so happy that my 20th birthday turned out great! And I was inspired by the outcome. It made me realize that happiness is really an inside job. Don’t assign anyone that much power over you and I’m so happy it inspired people.

I love the way I have grown in the past 20 years. Seeing myself grow is top tier! It’s the growth for me 😍.

Another amazing birthday! God made it a super amazing celebration and surrounded me with nothing but the best energy. So blessed to have people who stand by and show up for me when I need them. Definitely one of my biggest blessings. Thank you God for everything. It was such a memorable day ❤.


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