Mummy Amaka: Mummy K, where is your daughter doing her NYSC?
Mummy K: In the North
Mummy Amaka: Ahhh! Mummy K, you don’t want her to come back to you alive?
Mummy K: How do you mean?
Mummy Amaka:Have you not heard of the recent happenings in the North? The kidnapping, killings in the North and the whole country? We are not safe! I’m thinking of taking my children abroad to study where I know they will be safer.

Insecurity, apart from being the fear of every Nigerian, has become the word on the lips of so many and a discussion topic where two or more Nigerians gather. Nigeria is a republic in Western Africa with a coast along the Atlantic Ocean on the Gulf of Guinea. However, Nigeria is a secular state and Insecurity remains her biggest challenge. Therefore, Insecurity is a state of being subject to danger or injury. It is the anxiety one experiences when one feels vulnerable and insecure.

The 1966 coup is unarguably the ugly cornerstone for the insecurity experienced today in Nigeria. After Independence, Nigeria experienced frequent coups and long periods of autocratic military rule from 1966 to 1999 when a democratic civilian government was established. The past fifty years, in particular, have witnessed numerous coups as well as regional, religious, ethnic and secessionist violence. In Modern history, internal strife has burdened Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria. There is a dramatic increase in violence, terrorism and the likes, in my country today. We hear of series of bombings, shooting and killings, kidnappings, armed robbery, arson and so on. These take place through all four cardinal points almost daily.

CAUSES OF INSECURITY IN NIGERIA: A lot of things have been found as the causes of Insecurity in the country. Some of the problems in Nigeria are discussed below:

UNEMPLOYMENT: The overwhelming rate in the country is capable of causing panic. The issue is especially obvious when it comes to Nigerian youths. According to statistics, one in every tenth young citizen of the country is unemployed. Also the recent decline in the country’s economy is another cause. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been laid off, while new jobs are not created.

•CORRUPTION: Transparency International placed Nigeria as the 146th most corrupt country out of 198 countries. This research was conducted in 2019. Corrupt Nigerian politicians have become a turn off for International Investors. Corruption has already become a part of life in Nigeria and is part of the bedrock of insecurity, unfortunately.

•IMBALANCE: Different parts of the country have different speeds of development. Due to this, the country’s oil-rich regions feel exploited when the Federal Government uses their oil and does not develop their region. People of these regions feel cheated. Because of that, they take justice into their hands, resulting to vandalizing oil pipelines.

•WEAK JUDICIAL SYSTEM: People feel insecure when criminals and terrorists go free. Many evil-minded people think that money can buy freedom in the country and unfortunately, the corrupt system proves this line of thought. Rich people can buy their freedom in the country and the poor masses do not feel secure about. This has posed a challenge and shown the ineffectiveness and delay in the implementation of policy.

•OPEN BORDERS:The country has borders that are poorly guarded. Insurgents from other countries can infiltrate the country with no problem. This situation is especially dangerous in the North East. The Federal Government cannot provide enough troops to secure the borders. Porous coastal borders are the main cause of terrorism in the country. A high influx of arms is an effect of Open Borders.

•NARCOTICS: Narcotic trafficking is one of the causes of insecurity in Nigeria. Criminal groups are involved in the smuggling of illegal substances to Europe, Asia, South Africa and North America. Nigerian gangs are one of the largest distributors of opium in the world.

•SLAVERY: The Walk Free Foundation of Global Slavery reports that about 875,500 citizens in the country are trapped in human trafficking. For instance, women in the country can be tricked into migrating to other regions of the country. In the guise of getting good jobs, they are tricked into human trafficking and forced to sell their bodies for money. Some of them are even sold to foreign brothels. The situation with human trafficking in the country is horrible.

•ARMED ROBBERY: In the last few years, citizens have been victims of robbery attacks, which sometimes happen in daylight. Organized criminal gangs take over the streets of the country. People do not feel safe when walking on the roads. Corrupt government officials cannot provide help to Nigerians to fight this menace.

•KIDNAPPING: This is another sign of insecurity in Nigeria. The perpetrators of this crime do not spare anyone. This new wave of crime seems to have supplanted armed robbery and other non-contact crimes. Since this act began in Nigeria, the aged, children have been kidnapped for ransom, body parts traded for rituals etc. This has made life unbearable to the citizens. People now live in fear of falling victims to these criminals.

•TERRORIST THREATS: Terrorism in the country is not a new problem. Boko Haram and Niger Delta Militants are two prominent terrorist organizations that cause the most damage to the country. Another example is the Fulani Herdsmen killings in Imo State, Benue State and other states in Nigeria.

EFFECTS OF INSECURITY IN NIGERIA: The effects of Insecurity cannot be overemphasized.
•The fear of losing one’s job can take a toll on a person’s mental health, thereby causing social anxiety, negative mood and some other health-related problems. Recently, the high incidence of insecurity have resulted in high mortality rate in the country.

•Loss of lives and properties in the country especially in the Northern part of Nigeria.
•Religious places are being desecrated through blood shed resulting from indiscriminate bombing of religious worship centres. It scares members away from regular religious worship and fellowship.
•Children become orphans with no hope of the future.
The problem of insecurity in Nigeria, among other issues, is a significant challenge that leaves many citizens in perpetual fear every day. The Economy of Nigeria keeps getting worse everyday!!


According to BBC News: Lai Mohammed, Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture says Kidnapping and Banditry is not a federal offence.

•On Sunday 25th April, 2021, Unknown gunmen kidnapped students from Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, FUAM, Benue State. The University reported the incident to the police and all relevant security agencies. The University has not heard anything from the students or the captors since the incident happened.

In April 2021, Bandits abducted 24 students from Greenfield University, Kaduna State. Some students have been killed, some of the students’ parents have been able to negotiate with the bandits and their children have been released while some students are still held captive. And these Bandits and Unknown Gun Men are still attacking students from other Universities in Kaduna and other parts of the country.

It is very unsafe to travel on land. The most unsafe route of travel is the Kaduna-Ibadan Expressway.

•Iniobong Umoren applied for a job on twitter and was told to come for the job interview at airport road,Uyo, Akwa Ibom State which she went for. When she got there, she was kidnapped,raped and killed by Frank ( a serial killer who works for Nigerian politicians) and his accomplices.


Provison of Basic Needs for the citizens: The basic goal of any civilized society is to ensure the survival and security of lives and properties. Therefore, the ordinary Nigerian must be given protection at all cost through appropriate information, education, mobilization, job opportunity, civil group formation and legal requirements in our democratic politics.
•Grazing grounds or/and ranches should be built in all states of the country for Fulani herdsmen who rear cattle.
•Public enlightenment on human rights: To educate and train the northerners on their rights as well as rights of fellow citizens.
•Good governance: We need selfless leaders who will go the extra mile to effect good change in different tiers of government.
•Implementation of good policy.
•There’s need for a more robust legislation on Anti-Terrorism.
•The Federal Government should create new jobs. In like manner, citizens should be more creative and improve their entrepreneurial skills.
•The Federal Government should ensure that there is balance in the development of all regions of the country.
•The Police and other security institutions should ensure that their job is done promptly, with transparency and diligence.
•The judicial system should be renewed. There may be only one answer to that which is TRANSPARENCY.
•The Federal Government should increase the number of troops that guard borders. We should also train people to protect our regions from insurgents.
•The Federal Government should initiate cooperation with itself and other countries to fight criminals. Opening an International investigation on the matter and creating groups responsible for this will help.

•Report cases of human trafficking or slavery. Do not be indifferent to this issue. People are born free and must live free!!
•Parents should ensure that their children feel comfortable around them so they can share their problems without a reason to feel scared. Teach your children sex education at an early age! Teach your sons to respect girls/women!

•We should encourage our girls to speak up whenever they are being harassed, molested or abused! Girls report such cases to your mothers, sisters, aunts, female teachers, good friends and if their response is not satisfactory enough, you can report to authorities such as WARIF_ng, Mirabel Centre, etc who will help you. You are not alone! We got you!
•Religion can play a positive role of preaching peace and living out same in the society that is prone to violence. •Dialogue could be initiated amongst warring groups.
•Vote 2023; Start getting your Voters’ Card ready to vote in 2023.
•Pray for Nigeria

O God of creation
Direct our noble cause
Guide our leaders right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace
And justice shall reign. Amen.


  1. Nice(great) write up sissy ❤️👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏼.it’s my prayer that God comes to our aid n have mercy upon Nigeria🙏🏻 because at this point only God can help Nigeria.more Grace darling ❤️❤️

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