New Level in the University…A new beginning

I resumed my 3rd year in the university on 15th October 2021. On the same day, I checked my 2nd year result, and I was numb. I’m sorry, but you’ll be seeing more failures than successes in this blog post. Why? Because that’s what my academics look like from my previous session.

Where do I begin?
When I saw my first external examination result in my ss3, which was JAMB, I was sad. I told my teacher back then about my result, and he told me not to worry. Since I was distressed, he asked my mum to talk to me, not to be sad again. My mum did, but it felt like that was the end of my life. I cried every time I thought about my future. I couldn’t get hold of myself. It felt like hell! I fell sick. My classmates would always console me almost every time to not worry about it, everything will be alright. It felt like the beginning of hard times because JAMB is one of the requirements that determines one’s university life in Nigeria.

Why am I writing about this past story?
Because that’s what I was experiencing a few days ago. My life felt unreal. Everything felt unreal!! Since I began this stage of life, from JAMB result, WAEC result, Year 1, Year 2 academically, it’s been tough for me. I’ve had many periods of breakdown. Sometimes, I even questioned God 😔.

I had many questions in my head, “What do I do from here?”, “How do I continue?”, “Where do I start?”, “How am I going to end?”, “How will I show my parents this type of result?”. I was out of words and exhausted. Sincerely, I’ve never failed like this in my life. Human Anatomy Department in University of Calabar Medical College is draining me so much.

Let’s discuss Academic Failure.
Academic failure occurs where the primary aims of education cannot be delivered, to the degree that there is a fundamental and ongoing breakdown in a student’s ability to learn.

Causes of Academic Failure:
•Irregularity in Class
•Fear of Failure: We can see that students are always depressed as they always think whether they will pass their exams or not. Each student has the capability to learn things. That is why they put a lot of effort from their end to clear their examination. But because of the fear, they are unable to perform well in their exams.
•Lack of Time Management: Some students do not have enough idea regarding how to manage their time for different activities, and this may eventually affect their academics.
•Lack of Confidence: Students may think that they cannot solve their study queries or do not have enough potential to solve the question. Because of this, they do not answer the query and may result in academic failure.
•Inadequate Educational Writing Support.
•Poor Library Facilities.
•Parental Behavior: Parents need not put more pressure on their children to score high grades in their examination. And also, Parents should not choose careers for their children.
•Some families in Nigeria are unable to provide financial support for their children, and this may lead to academic breakdown.

Effects of Academic Failure:
•It discourages students.
•It makes us want to give up on our studies and goal.
•It fills our mindset with negative thoughts.
•It may lead to depression and suicide.

How to deal with Academic Failure:
•Pray: Tell God your worries, and he will make a way for you. He makes the impossible possible 🙏🏾.

•Give enough time to grave your disappointment: As time pass, you will realize that your mind will become habitual of the situation. In this case, you can easily forget your failures. But it is always necessary that you learn something from your failure. So, make a note, find the main cause of your failure and try to work on it. This will help you make changes not to repeat the same mistake.
•Do not rush to try new things:
I didn’t try this!! That might be the reason for my academic failure!!
That is why it is better to review your schedule. There is a possibility that you have made a minor mistake, or you are much closer to success.
•Create a Personal and Study Timetable and stick to it.
•Get comfortable with your family and friends:
My family and friends will hate me now!! This is what a student thinks exactly after their academic failure. It is not true at all that your family and friends will hate you. But, they will know you better. That is why they never judge your capabilities. It is always better to spend some time with your family and friends. This will not only make you feel better but motivate you to do well for the next time.
•Stay away from negativity: Moreover, stay motivated to keep going. Remember, you are the one who knows you better.
•Appreciate your previous work: Exactly!! Acknowledge the time and  effort you have put into doing your best and praise yourself.

Academics is not just about reexamining the study methods and techniques but also a chance to do even better. Take it as an opportunity to understand and learn about your flaws and stay determined to achieve your academic goals. No matter what the result was, you have done your best. Now, this is the golden chance to work for the desired result. So, get up, encourage yourself, move forward, learn more and succeed.

Time heals almost everything. Give it time.
I’m super excited that I’m much happier now.
I’m beginning to enjoy university life and Calabar as a whole. I’m taking everything one step at a time.

Today, the 22nd of October 2021, I’m smiling more, and I feel much better, happier, more beautiful, at ease, sweeter and everything good.

10 thoughts on “New Level in the University…A new beginning

  1. Nigeria students experience a lot of this breaking points, sometimes I wonder where we get the strength to pick up ourselves and keep striving… God is our strength.

    Nice one Lady J

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As someone who “once” attributed most of her worth to her academic performance and failed woefully, I understand this very well.
    Always remember this, God has got you girl. You are brave and I pray that in this new level, you blossom all round.
    All my love , girl❤

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