Living in Calabar South as a student

Most people say Calabar South is the wildest part of Calabar. Some say, if you haven’t stayed in Calabar South, then you have not lived in Calabar.

Calabar is the state capital of Cross River State in Nigeria. Calabar South is a Local Government Area in Calabar. The language of the Calabar people is Efik. Calabar is a city known for its art. I know you must have heard of Calabar Carnival, that’s the biggest street carnival in West Africa. I’ve never attended Calabar Carnival, I’ve only watched on TV 😅.

I’ve lived in Calabar for about three years as a student. I started living there in January 2019. In my first year, my parents told me that I must live with a family member as a roommate, and they made it happen. We had issues and then parted ways towards the end of 2019. Another reason she packed out was because my landlady’s daughter was so problematic towards us. In January 2020, I had a new roommate. She was my coursemate and that is why I agreed to us living together. Along the line, we started having issues and then parted ways in February 2020. In March 2020, I went home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

And that’s how I began living alone in my apartment in Calabar South. In my previous blog post, I discussed ‘Tales of Living Alone’. In addition, na who get mind dey live alone for Calabar South.

Let’s get into the disadvantages of living alone as a student in Calabar South.

Calabar South is filled with perverts. There’s no breathing space with those kinds of people around. Calabar South is unnecessarily noisy and dirty. Have you ever tried going out while it’s raining in Calabar South? This is a warning; Do not try it. You’ll see all kinds of dirt by the roadside. I feel the area is actually noisy because two universities are located almost close to each other, one is University of Calabar (UNICAL) which I attend and the other is Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH). When students from these universities bond, crazy things are bound to happen.

Robbery and Kidnapping are rampant in Calabar South and Calabar as a whole. Where I lived was actually safe, but you see Mount Zion?! Omo! Na who get mind dey live there.

Another problem with living alone in Calabar South as a student is that there’s rarely electricity and water. Sometimes, even when there was light, we won’t still have water. It was so frustrating to me as a student because when I’m back from school in the evening, instead of resting or have a prep, I’ll go out searching for water, charge my phone and reading lamp. When I told my father earlier this year that I needed a generator, he didn’t seem interested in the idea but surprisingly, he bought a portable one for me a month later.

Calabar South is filled with problematic house owners. The reason for their attitude is that most of them are greedy. In Calabar South, everyone knows you. Basically, you’ll get to meet your colleagues and other acquaintances almost every time. Most times, you’ll bump into them and cannot avoid talking to them.

Anyways, your girl lived a lowkey life. I was very calm and kind. I don’t like issues. Likewise, I love to be on my lane and mind my business.

There is a market close to where I lived, and it is called Goldie Market. It is a small market where food and household items are sold. Those market sellers enjoy hiking price of goods because they think we students can afford them.

And that’s not true.

My uncle was my neighbor and his place was a stone throw from mine. Over the years of living together as neighbors, we became closer and interacted more.

My apartment was close to my HomeCell Fellowship Center but far from church (Living Faith Church Atimbo). Even though I wake up very early to prepare for school, I will still arrive late due to the distance.

It’s really cool living in CaIabar South as a student. You’ll get to meet new people and experience life differently. I’m grateful for the astonishing and annoying people I met there. All I can say is, it’s been God all the way!!!

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