Moving out of my apartment; Off to the hostel

I tweeted this message on 09/06/21, posted it on our Instagram feed on 10/06/21.

I manifested it on 30th October 2021. Finally, I moved out!!!

Wait a sec*

Firstly, I’m going to miss my apartment so much. This is making me so emotional 😩😩. I’ll miss the fun memories, the amazing neighbors I met, the annoying ones too, my problematic Landlady and her daughter. wow! I never realized how much impact they had in my life.

I miss those days with my friend, Esther Mbat 😭. She was once my everything in my apartment. Life was so good when she was around.

Packing out is one of the most stressful task I’ve ever done. The day I moved out was one of the most frustrating days ever. My coursemate promised to help move my things to the new place, but at the end, he didn’t show up. Why do humans make promises they won’t be able to fulfill? Las Las, your girl moved out to a new place. Guess where? The Hostel!! πŸ’ƒπŸ½ Yes, Janet is back to the hostel life. And I’m boarding in a private hostel on campus.

First, I prefer living in the hostel to my apartment. No, my rent wasn’t expired, I sold out the remaining unused months.

I like the fact that my hostel is close to my department in University of Calabar. Here, we have a sustainable water supply and 19 hours of electricity.

The private hostel is secured and I love how I’m closer to my coursemates now, and can get updates easier and faster. Ohhh, I forgot to mention that the name of my hostel is Windsworth. Why do people love that name so much? Anyways, I heard it’s owned by an Indian man.

I signed up for two persons per room. I made my complete payment on 20th October 2021. That’s exactly one year since the Lekki massacre. I plead a minute of silence to honor our fallen heroes. May their souls continue to rest in peace. Forever in our hearts πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ–€. The question remains; ‘Who ordered the shootings on 20.10.2020??!!’. We deserve a better Nigeria ❀️.

Some people have told me “na who get money dey stay for Windsworth hostel”. Where is the lie? 🀣. We use iron bunks here. It’s a mixed hostel-both sexes. I have a female roommate. When my roommate and I began living together, we were not communicating, but now we are vibing and getting to know each other better. I’m so happy that we are not problematic to each other. *Whispers* One of my prayer points has been answered.

We have a general kitchen which is always dirty after students have actually used it. I’m adapting to the ‘general kitchen’ life and hostel life in general. Not only that, but we ain’t allowed to cook in the room, nawa o. Here, the bathroom is separate from the toilet. Thank God πŸ™πŸΎ. Why do Nigerians love building their toilet together with the bathroom in the same space, though? I personally think it reduces expenses. Hmm

I hate the part of having to hang cloths and coming back to see it shifted or not properly kept. I experienced it on the first weekend I arrived. Not only that, but I was so frustrated when I saw it and I cried 😩😩😭.

I’m so happy that my life here is serene. I’m so grateful to God for answered prayers. This is my first time living in a hostel in the university, I hope and pray it turns out to be an excellent experience. And it is gradually putting me back on track academically and that makes me so glad, but it ain’t easy at all. By the grace of God, I believe everything will be alright.

4 thoughts on “Moving out of my apartment; Off to the hostel

  1. Most people live in hostels first then get apartments πŸ˜‚. At least that’s what it’s like here. Or maybe that’s because we don’t have private hostels.

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