I remember when this year began, I was shouting with a joyful heart.

This is emotional for me to write. My academics were in crisis this year and till today, it’s giving me tough time. Oh, God!… Janet, why are you crying?

When I resumed school in February 2021, I was so nervous. For the first time in my life, I experienced depression for a whole week.

I was mentally destabilized. I felt stuck. At some point, I thought of giving up my studies at University of Calabar. But my God made a way for me through Pastor Vincent Obami of Living Faith Church, Atimbo.

I want to show my appreciation not only being a member of LFC Atimbo but also a firm believer of God. I decided to attend WOFBI May Special 2021, and then I became a member of Media/Press Unit!! Since I started serving in this church, I’ve been experiencing the breakthroughs, faithfulness and blessings of God all-round in my studies, writing and blogging and life as a whole. Serving God pays a lot, and I can testify to that.

I can’t even believe that this is me after a rollercoaster academic year!! I’m still glowing??! Still heavily smiling?! So beautiful 😍. I too like this God. He’s too good! The glow hits different when God turns your pain into peace ☺.

I dedicated 2021 to God, and he’s been ever faithful. I asked God for a better place and my kind of roommate, he granted me both. It’s been a year of answered prayers!

I made 2021 a year of healing and growth, and it’s been tough. I thank God for growth. Healing is not easy at all, but I won’t give up on me.

I declared 2021 as a year of celebration, and I’ve been celebrating all-around. My 20th birthday is still my happiest moment of 2021. When I was in school on November 2021, I asked myself why and how I was so happy on my birthday, because I just want to live a happy and enjoyable life. I’m super excited that I was there to celebrate my family, friends and course mates on their birthday.

I’m always so happy when I recall how my siblings and I surprised and celebrated my parents on their birthday and Silver Jubilee.
25 years of God’s Faithfulness!!
It’s been God all the way!

My Dad’s Birthday 😍😩☺

In HAPPY 2021 blog post, I discussed
•Making good and right decisions and I did it!
•Being consistent.
•Improving the quality of my blog post.
•Create many contents and with MY FULL CHEST.
This was a success! Not only did I reach the view point, but I also surpassed it. My view target was thousands of views this year and I had 1,949 views! Yes! We did it! I’m grateful for an incredible year ☺.

Thank you so much, my Family. I’m so grateful for your support. God bless you. I love you all. Please stay safe and enjoy! 💃🏽

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