Why you need a social media break.

On 11th April, 2022, I went on my first social media break! 11th May, 2022 made it exactly one month since I embarked on this much needed break. I discussed taking a break in my previous blog posts such as Mental Health, Gratefulness, #EndASUUStrike and Consistency is Key.

It’s still unbelievable because I never saw myself really taking a break from social media and returning afterwards. I think it’s because I didn’t realize how much my soul, spirit and body needed the break until I went on it. Yes! I deactivated my social media apps, keep scrolling to know why.

First of all, what is a social media break?
A social media break is simply just a break. You define how long it is and what it includes. You can choose to announce it on your social media or just step away.

“Stepping away from social media is a great way to get a better picture of reality” ~Ehrman

Why do you need a social media break?

It’s good for your mental and social wellbeing: Honestly, I had a mental breakdown and it almost made me crazy (probably the word “crazy” really suit the feeling).

I was exhausted and I felt I needed just one thing, a social media break. Today, I feel so much better because the break did not only strengthen me mentally but gave me reasons to never give up, no matter how challenging life gets. Since I entered University of Calabar in 2019, I didn’t realize how much my social life had changed.

It helps you build a healthier relationship with God: This is the best! Since I joined Living Faith Church in 2019, I had never attended three services in a sunday! But during this break, I did it and I had such an interesting and great experience. I learned more about God’s word and His purpose for me. When you walk in God’s purpose for your life, you are bound to receive your success story because He’s plan for you is good, to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11) and God’s grace is sufficient for you (2nd Corinthians 12:9a).

When you feel a situation is too hard for you to handle, pray and tap into the Word of God, for it is written, “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too hard for me?” (Jeremiah 32:27). The Word of God is living and powerful (Hebrew 4:12).

It helps you set boundaries: For many of us, social media can feel like an anxiety fueled space, it’s up to us to decide when to turn it off and not let the negativity step into our personal space. Shutting off the noise on social media by taking a break can be the healthiest boundary you set for yourself, which is the ultimate form of self-care.

You don’t have to allow FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) drain your soul and kill your peace. ~ Ezinne Zara

It helps reclaim your time: In 2021, I used screentime app to track my social media usage and I realized I used WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter a lot. You can get the app, it’s helpful. Going on this break absolutely reclaimed my time and energy.

Re-assess your online behaviour: Are you finding yourself getting into social media arguments or even saying things you don’t mean? Now is a good time to take that needed break from social media and evaluate your online behaviour. A month-long break may help you step back from your behaviour and evaluate what’s actually going on.

It helps you reconnect and come back stronger: I took a calculated break while I went offline because I’m a Writer and Blogger who is passionate and loves what she does. Although going on a social media break was a tough decision for me but it helped me solve some challenges, I’m glad I did it.

“The reality is that it’s not all or nothing, social media isn’t going away anytime soon. So, how you use your time during a social media break to deal with the issues offline is key to ensuring you’ll no longer feel sad or anxious when you’re online”.

A must watch. You’ll love it!

Micheala Coel giving her acceptance speech during Emmy Award 2021

Michaela Coel is a Writer, Director, Producer, Actor and more.
She made history as the first Black Woman, ever, to win an Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Limited Series for “I May Destroy You”.
Michaela’s speech is everything!
I love the fact that she could accumulate the happenings in our social life into a speech. Wow! What a masterpiece!
I’m super excited that she spoke the honest mindset of the people.

Remember, we never give up.

Have you ever been on a social media break? Feel free to comment and share tips on why you took the break and your experience.
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5 thoughts on “Why you need a social media break.

  1. I actually took a break on social media sometime March 2022 and I must say it was really helpful. At first, I never planned nor had it in mind to do it but at the end of everything I was really thankful that I did cos it shaped me in all aspects of my life…mentally, physically, emotionally and otherwise. Like you said in your post “disconnect to reconnect”. I was really glad I did. I’ll def make it a habit to do such from time to time. Thanks for this.

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