I write this blog post with so much joy.
This is the story of my life journey so far.
I loved writing fiction and non-fiction stories in Elementary School. I wasn’t much of a writer in Secondary School because I wanted to study Medicine and Surgery. I aspired to be a Medical Doctor due to the love and care I have towards people.

There was a dark period of confusion in my life after my High school graduation in 2018. I declined my first admission to study Medicine and Surgery at a Private University in Nigeria. I kept believing that God had a better plan for me but I didn’t know how to explain it. As much as everyone around me were perplexed, I felt worse.

One day, I went to the book store and saw a book titled “Change your Thinking
Change your Life” by Brian Tracy, I bought it and read it. This book changed my life positively. It motivated me to start blogging.

My Blogging Journey started on 30th November 2018. It’s been 3 years of Blogging! 3 years of God’s Faithfulness!! My first blog name was titled “Passionate Color”, I used Blogger website. Then, I proceeded to WordPress. I changed my blog name to “Art of True Zeal” because I needed a name that is very relatable and inspirational. Art of True Zeal means the process of discovering and building real passion. I have seen this blog name make positive impacts in people’s life including mine.

If anyone had told me that I’ll be a Writer and Blogger today, I honestly wouldn’t have believed it.
Blogging is one of the things I love doing. I love seeing ideas being brought to life, I’m so glad that I’m doing what makes me happy.

The aim of my blog is to make positive impact in the lives of others, help people achieve their purpose in life and also, help solve life problems and so far, I must say that I’m doing a good job. For the past years of being a Blogger, I’ve struggled with knowing who I am and what area my blog focuses on. Today, I’m so glad to say that I’ve tremendously discovered myself and found my blog niche.

What is a Blog Niche?
A Blog Niche is a specific area whereby creatives write or create content on their blog.
For my blog, I’ll be focusing on three areas which are:
•INSPIRATIONAL BLOG: This is the basic aim of my blog.
•LIFESTYLE BLOG: I love sharing personal experiences, life challenges with solutions and a guide to live your best life ☺💃🏽.                                
•NEWS BLOG: Writing about NEWS can be very triggering. Likewise, it’s necessary to create awareness on the current happening in the world today.

What I love so much about these blog niches is that they are educative and enlightening.
What’s your favorite blog niche?
For me, my favourite is definitely all of them 😅 because each blog niche builds me to be better, vulnerable, heal and live life to the fullest.

When I discovered that being a Writer and Blogger is God’s purpose for my life, I became more consistent because it helps me build a healthier relationship with God and become a better version of myself.
I’m so excited for the beautiful blog family God blessed me with. I’m grateful for your unwavering support in the past three years. I’m awed by the goodness of God in my blogging journey. God has been so loving and graceful to me ❤.

On this amazing blogging journey, I’ll continue to fulfill the aim of my blog, elevate and expand my blog and also, live my best life.

What do you love the most about my blogging journey so far? Feel free to share 😊.

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