2022 is the year I experienced ease in my academics, career and my life as a whole.

ASUU went on strike in February, I told myself that I won’t let it stop me from having a great year and that’s how I spent my Easter with my cousins. I miss them so much ❀. During the ASUU strike, I worked for my parents, some days were stressful but the job made me see life from a different view which bettered my life. I started working at Orange Tables, Calabar as a Content Writer. I attended my First Orange Fellowship Event and joined my friend to celebrate with her on her wedding day!

Let’s discuss April 2022. It was quite a difficult month for me. As a result of how challenging it was, I began experiencing anxiety towards people both online and offline. It was a crazy period. Now, I feel very much relieved from anxiety. I’m so grateful for my journey, the lessons and growth in 2022.

Guess what?!! I reached 5000 views on my blog in December 2022! I’m screaming…I’m so happy!! This is such a beautiful progress and milestone for us! Thank you God for another successful year of blogging!

I am proud of myself. I am proud of the gifts I have been blessed with and for the wisdom to know how to execute them effectively and with such grace. I am grateful to myself for never giving up on myself and the work I do. For the extra hours spent reading and searching for the right article, words, application, YouTube page to help solve life challenges with solution.
Janet, welldone! Welldone for believing in yourself and for putting God First in everything you do.
My heart is full because of the amazing family I’m blessed with! From them, I have learnt the importance of resilience and value of gratitude, thank you.

I celebrate how far I’ve come in life because there has been a few soul-crushing lows, so many highs and I built more vigor.
2022 is really my best year so far.

Happy New Year in advance! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

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