Get Ready With Me For My First Asoebi in a Nigerian Wedding: The Wedding Series #AGIS2022 EP4

I began making plans for my friend’s wedding after her engagement announcement. I couldn’t wait πŸ˜….

I gave my lace material to the tailor in October but guess what?
I got it the day before the wedding. Thankfully, the dress fitted me very well 😍.

I fixed my nails a few days to the wedding to prevent it from getting rough. I love blue colour so much and that makes everything more exciting πŸ’™.

I did my wig a day before the wedding to maintain the baby hairs and frontal installment.

I got my gift for the couple, I sewed my gele together with matching shoes for the event.

A day before the wedding, I arranged all the items I will be using. I made sure everything was in a good condition.

I woke up by 3:30am to prepare for the wedding. I had my morning devotion, then the makeup artist arrived about 6am.

I dressed up and went to the wedding venue.

You see my skin, body and look?
That’s what wealth, peace, ease and growth looks like 😍πŸ”₯.

On reaching the wedding venue, my bag tore. I met the bride and she looked so beautiful 😍.

I met some of my mates from secondary school and it gladdened my heart.

I took some pictures before going to church.

I looked so gorgeous after church service.

The E in my name definitely stands for Energy! πŸ”₯

My girl is married! Congratulations Mrs Agatha Isaiah


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