The Niger Beauty 🇳🇪

I’ve thought thoroughly about this, One day I almost walked up to them but I was scared of being casted most especially since I was alone. I quickly paved away. I always wonder why their parents will let them out in a circumstan like that.

Geraldine’s Blog

It was on a Saturday,my roommate came into the room with a girl of about 12 to 13 years. She was pretty like really pretty. She had this very curly and luscious hair that was also very soft and silk like. She had a beautiful smile that lit up the room. A slender petite body she had and her name was Fatima.

She walked into the room smiling and just sat on my bed with a grin on her face,”my name is Fatima”,she said. I was a bit taken aback by her forwardness. I know very well that I cannot approach someone like that. I was watching a movie on my phone and she laid down with me to watch it too. She placed her feet on my bed,it was quite dirty and I was a bit uncomfortable about that cause I’m kind of a clean freak but I didn’t…

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