Vanity upon Vanity; All is Vanity.

Vanity means futile and emptiness. Vanity upon Vanity; All is Vanity is a sad realization that no matter what we accumulate or build, will not be carried with us when we transit. For instance, I’m watching my kids blow bubbles, then they run fast to catch it, they eventually get one on their finger and they are so happy before they know it’s gone. It’s just like chasing the wind. ~Robert Greene

Vanity of vanities! All is Vanity. What does man gain by all the toil at which he toils under the sun? A generation goes, and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever. The sun rises and the sun goes down, and hastens to the place where it rises. The wind blows to the south, and goes round to the north; round and round goes the wind, and on its circuits the wind returns. All streams run to the sea, but the sea is not full; to the place where the streams flow, there they flow again. All things are full of weariness; a man cannot utter it; the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It has been already, in the ages before us. (Ecclesiastes 1:1-10). In this context, no matter what we say, no matter what we do, no matter what we own, no matter what we think matters, nothing really matters; it all turns to dust in the end.

While we are still living:

•Devote yourself to God: Trust in God. Put God First and in everything you do. And it will have a long lasting benefit to you.

•Let’s be kind:Be kind; whether you know what someone is passing through or not. Help and encourage people,discover that uniqueness and provide ways of developing its expression. Never look down on anyone even when you are helping them up. Everybody has a chapter they don’t read out loud including you. Be kind to others and most importantly, be kind to yourself.

•Face your fears because fear controls you.

•Always find time for the things that makes you happy to be alive.

•Let’s strive to make an impact. No matter how big or small. YOU MATTER.

•Be comfortable with yourself: Accept yourself the way you are. Don’t feel a need to redefine yourself based on what others want. We want to grow but we want to all stay liked by everybody. I was willing to be my own rescue at the risk of your approval. Most of us aren’t like that. Social Media is an example. We want to be liked. Well, I woke up and I like myself today, so your like is extra. My job is to like me first. I was willing to say everyday. “Lisa, you like you?”, “Lisa,are you proud of you?”,Lisa are you planned full out?, everyday before I checked in with everybody else. ~Lisa Nichols

Live with purpose: How do you know your purpose? Ask God to show you your purpose in life. You would rather find purpose than a job or career. Purpose crosses discipline. Purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history. Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill. Whatever you choose for a career path, remember the struggles are along the way, they are only meant to shape you for your purpose. When I dare to challenge the system that would relegate us to victories and stereotypes with no clear historical backgrounds, no hopes of talents, when I question that method of portrayal, a different path opened up for me,the path to my destiny. When God has something for you. It doesn’t matter who stands against it. God will move someone, that is holding you back away from the door and put someone there, who will open it for you, if it is meant for you. I don’t know what your future is. But if you are willing to take the harder way, the more complicated one, the one with more failures at first than successes, the one that has ultimately proven to have more meaning more victory, more glory. Then you will not regret it. Sometimes you need to feel the pain and sting of defeat to activate the real passion and purpose that God predestined inside of you -Chadwick Boseman.

Chadwick Boseman: born on November 29, 1976. He was an American Actor. He played several historical figures such as Jackie Robinson in 42 (2013), James Brown in Get on Up (2014) and Thurgood Marshall in Marshall (2017). His role as the superhero Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films including Black Panther (2018) made him a global star, winning several awards. He took life as a responsibility. He was a blessing to the world. He made an incredible impact in the world and fulfilled his purpose on earth. He leaves an unassailable legacy. He died on August 28, 2020. Rest in Power Chadwick Boseman 🙅🏾🖤. You’ll be missed 🖤.

Thank you Black Panther for being the first superhero a lot of black kids could really look up to and identify as. That kind of legacy…unparalleled and we found out he was a superhero in real life too, battling cancer while entertaining millions. Thank you Chadwick Boseman.

Life is beautifully full of scars and stars; Paddling through the pages of life; Problems that seems to have no solution; Hardship that seems it wants no ending.

Life will test you first before the lessons; Decorating you with raging experiences; Scavenging one’s past to make a new marrow; If your foot are not firm enough; you’ll get casted.

And on the other hand life is sweet; When a man is graciously wealthy and healthy; Successes that shines like the sun; Surviver of their own destiny.

It is leading me where I will walk a path; Where thousands now pass without falling; Passing through it, life is now glamorous; Now it is going fine, I can smile heavily. ~Chosen.

You aren’t on this Earth solely for certain people’s approval. You aren’t on this Earth just to work yourself to the bone and then die. You aren’t on this Earth only to experience all the pain and suffering that comes your way. You are much greater than that. You have much purpose than that. Your life needs to know love and comfort. Your life needs to know success and mental freedom. Your life needs to know happiness and rest. Hold on.

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. Memories are precious, so cherish them. We only got one life. So live it!

Problem no dey finish; enjoy life.

10 thoughts on “Vanity upon Vanity; All is Vanity.

  1. I’m awed by this post. We should all look forward to living our best life.
    Chadwick’s life is an inspiration to all of us.
    Rest In Paradise Boseman🙏🕊
    More grace Jen!❤

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  2. Reading this will make one look back to knowing your purpose and what will be of you before vanity sets in. Thanks so much for this great article 🙏❤️

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  3. Nice one..thank you for the reminder❤️😄.this piece reminds me that all we fight n struggle for is nothing except We Help other’s d impact on others that we have left when We all gone..May God help us all

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